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 ====== Creating a New Quote ====== ====== Creating a New Quote ======
-Creating a new quote in CPQ is quite simple.  Once you have found a product through the quick search or navigating the categories (explained below), click the the **Customize** button to bring up the configuration screen.  The configuration process is described in the [[usersideinformation:creatinganewquote:configuringaproduct|Configuring Product]] section.  Not all product’s are configurablethough.  Product’s may appear on the screen with a price and a checkbox.  To immediately add these to a quote, click the check box then click **Add to Quote** on the right side of the screen.  The quote page will be displayed where you can do more quote related tasks\\ +Once you have found a product through the quick search or navigating **Categories** (explained below), you have couple of optionsdepending on the type of the product
-{{ usersideinformation:creatinganewquote:addsimpleproduct.jpg }}  +  - For simple products, click **Add** and the message will display at the top of the screen, letting you know that the product has been added to a quote. The message will also contain a clickable quote ID, which will lead you to the quote which contains the product you have just added. \\ {{:usersideinformation:creatinganewquote:cpq_1911_simple_product.jpg?250}} \\ 
-;#;//Figure A Adding Simple Products to a Quote //;#; +  For configurable products, click **Configure** to open product in the **Configurator**.  The configuration process is described in the [[usersideinformation:creatinganewquote:configuringaproduct|Configuring a Product]] section. \\ {{:usersideinformation:creatinganewquote:cpq_1911_configurable_product.jpg?250}} \\
- \\ +
-If a configurable product default/preselected configuration is completeand the application parameter [[adminhelp:generalsettings:applicationparameters#Product Catalog|Catalog Loading Configurable Products]] is set to any value other then FAST a product price and "Add to quote" checkbox will be shown in the catalogueThis way it is possible to add several configurable products at once in the quote\\ +By default, the **Add** button next to configurable products is greyed-out and cannot be clickedHowever, if your administrator has given you the right to add configurable products that were not configured to a quote, the **Add** button will be clickable and you can add configurable products to a quote without previous configuration: \\ {{:usersideinformation:creatinganewquote:cpq_1911_add_configure.jpg?250}}
-{{ usersideinformation:creatinganewquote:configaddfinal.jpg }} +\\ 
-;#;//Figure B - Adding Several Configurable Products//;#;+If a configurable product default/preselected configuration is complete, and the application parameter [[adminhelp:generalsettings:applicationparameters#Product Catalog|Catalog Loading Configurable Products]] is set to any value other than **FAST**, a product price and the **Add** button will be displayed in the **Catalog**. In this way, it is possible to add several configurable products at once in the quote. \\ 
-===== See Also =====+ 
 +===== More Information =====
 [[usersideinformation:creatinganewquote:partnumberdescriptionsearch|Part Number/Description Search]]\\  [[usersideinformation:creatinganewquote:partnumberdescriptionsearch|Part Number/Description Search]]\\ 
 [[usersideinformation:creatinganewquote:navigatingcategories|Navigating Categories]]\\  [[usersideinformation:creatinganewquote:navigatingcategories|Navigating Categories]]\\ 
 [[usersideinformation:creatinganewquote:comparingproducts|Comparing Products]] \\  [[usersideinformation:creatinganewquote:comparingproducts|Comparing Products]] \\ 
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