Document Upload in Configurator

This feature will allow users to upload document in the configurator. So far, documents could only be uploaded on the quote level in the attachment tab. In this way, user will be able to upload one or more documents for each configured item. Moreover, they can store customized attachments in their configuration and these can be accessed in quote templates.

This section allows administrators to create attributes that can store uploaded documents in the configurator. For example, typical uses could be uploading custom drawing for custom products or even uploading site surveys, site pictures or measurements for each product.

Moreover, administrators will be able to determine which users can upload documents into which configured products and how those documents can be presented in generated output documents like proposals, contracts, etc. Attributes will be able to be created as a “File Attachment” type.

In order to use this feature, user has to set up few parameters first.

1. In Step 3 of the PSWProduct Setup Wizard, there is a new entry in the “Display As” dropdown that is labeled “File Attachment”. Set the attribute “Display As” type as this, and users will be able to upload documents in the configurator (for details see step3productattributedetails section)


Figure A - Product Attribute Details

2. In Product configuration, attribute set to be of display type ‘File Attachment’ will have button ‘Upload’.


Figure B - File Attachment

When user clicks on this button, pop-up will appear with ability for user to choose file from his/her hard drive. When user selects specific file, by clicking the Upload button CPQ will upload the file and refresh product configuration.


Figure C - Document Upload

After uploading the file, Icon (or button) for file removal will appear when a file has been attached to the attribute. When user clicks on this icon, file will be removed from the text field, file deleted from the server and product configuration refreshed.

Figure D - Delete Attachment

Admin will be able to include uploaded document in generated document. Tag that will be used in templates for inserting file to the document is : «C_INSERT_FILE_FROM_ATTRIBUTE(AttributeName)»

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