This functionality enables you to create a quote with an Enablement portal of your choice, or send a dynamic email.

You can store your PDFs or other marketing materials in Enablement, which has many analytics in place. For example, you can see how many times the same document has been used or viewed by the customers. Also, each customer can be assigned his or her own portal.

Users can make Enablement their main application with an SAP CPQ tab within the application, or make SAP CPQ their main application with buttons invoking Enablement API.

Admin side

To access Enablement, go to Providers in Setup:

To enable users to use Enablement, you will have to create a new provider with the following key data elements:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Token or Key SSO
  • URL Address - this is to point SAP CPQ environment to the appropriate Enablement environment. Once you create a provider for Enablement, the connection between SAP CPQ and Enablement will be established.

The next step in the Enablement process is to determine which users will receive the Enablement email notifications in Email Lists. To access Email Lists, open Workflow/Approval in Setup menu.

At this point you should define the subject and email content in Notifications. Open Workflow/Approval in Setup menu to gain access to Notifications. Click Add New to create new notification or edit existing notifications available in the system.

Don't forget to fill out all mandatory fields.

Once you have identified email recipients and chosen your notification content, you must go to Workflow to determine at which status in the Quote process Enablement will appear. Open Workflow/Approval in Setup to gain access to Workflow.

Now select Action name and click Edit under the Notification tab to be able to select the Notification assignment type.

User side

Sending the document via Enablement Portal

Once you have generated your proposal you are ready to send the proposal from Enablement. If you haven’t created a portal for this customer then create a portal for this customer in Enablement automatically and send your proposal via Enablement.

Checking for a portal that has been created already

The system will check for any portals created by the sales rep or a sales rep with editing rights. If the system doesn’t find any, a “Create a Portal” Link for the sales rep after the document has been generated will pop up. The system will show a list of available Enablement portals where a user has some of the following role : owner, editor(this is also available in Enablement API).

Once you have sent the file, the following message will appear: Successfully sent document to portal.

The Enablement email message will look like this:

Note that you must have the same user name on both sides. If you are logged in as jsmith (Name = John, Last Name = Smith, User name = jsmith), you must have the same user (same user name, jsmith) on the Enablement side. Keep in mind the installation you are targeting (it is defined as Site id –on provider page) so that the chosen installation includes the user with that username (jsmith). An error you may get if this user is not defined is displayed in the figure below.

Sending the document via Enablement Portal

Once you have generated your proposal you should be ready to send the proposal from Enablement. If you have already sent other proposals, you should see the list of all the portals created previously.

Document tab on the Quote

As a sales rep, you can click the document tab and have the customer portal communication center embedded into your document section so that you can view your status proposal. It also enables you to see the number of people viewing it, the activity information and how often the user has looked at the document.

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