Event Log

Event Log (See Figure 1) allows SAP CPQ admins to monitor Iron Python scripts and track all the data manually logged from them. This means admins can see all the errors that occur in the scripts, making it easier to fix them. Beside this, admin is able to see if some formula that is part of approval rule fails during parse by the Rule engine.


Let's consider a following Iron Python (IP) script (See figure 2).

Figure 2: A sample Iron Python script

This script will run each time a new quote is created. It uses a log interface to log which user has created the quote. It simulates the division by zero operation that trigger exception. The script will break each time it is executed and the error will be logged. Admin will be able to see this log through EventLog page along with all the contextual data related to the creation of the quote, such as Date, Session ID etc. (See Figure 3)

Figure 3: Error in log caused by the IP script

You can track the status of email notifications in the log after enabling email notification logging in General > Application Parameters > Shopping Cart and Quotes > Use Additional Logging For Email Notification. You can find more information on email notification logging on the Notifications page.

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