Favorites is a great way to reduce the time it takes you to create quotes. It allows you to assemble a list of favorite configurations and products or services, such as those sold most often to a particular customer, particular vertical, or for any other reason you would want to add products or configurations to a quote with one click.

You can access Favorites from multiple areas. Click the Favorites icon in Catalog and Configuration too add a new Favorite; and click to open a Favorite for an existing product you want to configure. In the Menu Bar, click to go to the Favorites page. Take a look at Figure 1.1 to learn how you can access Favorites.

Once you have clicked the yellow star on the right hand side and added your product to Favorites, the star will turn grey. The grey star alerts you that you have already added that product to Favorites and cannot add it twice. Notice the difference between the following two images in Figure 1.2.

Simple products have only one yellow star on their catalog panel because simple products have no configurable properties. In other words, while a configurable product can have more than one property in the Favorites list, a simple product has only one.

  • Click the Add New Favorite icon in Catalog or Configuration to create a new Favorite. A Create New Favorite window will open up (Figure 1.3).
  • Give your Favorite a Name and a Description for reference later on.
  • Tick the Share with users in my company checkbox if you want to share your Favorites with other users in your company.
  • Tick the Share with all users checkbox if you want to share your Favorites with other SAP CPQ users.
  • Click Save.

Note that the Share with users in my company and Share with all users options will pop up if the administrator has made them visible. In this case, the two options’ checkboxes will be ticked by default. You have the option to untick the boxes if you don’t want to share the Favorites with users in your company or all users in the system.

  • Now click to see your list of existing Favorites (Figure 1.4).
  • Tick the check mark boxes in the Add To Quote column to form a products list that will be available on the Quotation page.
  • Tick the My Favorites check box to display Favorites available to you only. Tick the My Company Favorites check box if you want to see Favorites other users are sharing with you. Tick the All Favorites check box if you want to display all Favorites available to you.
  • Click Add To Quote button at the bottom of the page. Since this list can get quite long you can search or sort products by Name, Product, Part Number and other fields.
  • Click Go to Quote.

The Favorites list is also available in the cart, making Favorites an exceptionally convenient way to build quotes. It allows you to add one or more simple products or configurations to your quote, without having to go to the Catalogue and configure a product from scratch.

  • Now that you are in the Quote (Figure 1.5), or cart, tick the check mark boxes in the Add To Quote column to select products you want to add to the quote.
  • Click Add to Quote.

If you failed or forgot to complete any product configurations after clicking Add To Quote SAP CPQ will remind you and ask you to complete them (Figure 1.6).

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