Adding Products to a Cart

To create a quote, generally user will find a product by navigating categories or through the quick search, then configuring it and adding it to quote. Once one product is added to cart, it is possible to add more products by clicking the Add Item action in the Action area.
Clicking this action will direct user to the categories where he can navigate to find another product to add to the quotation. Additionally,user can there configure the product and add to quote. Both the original product and the newly configured product will be included in the quote.
Alternatively to using the Add Item action, user can also use the quick search field to find a product. Once a product is found through a description or part number search, he can configure it and add to quote. The original quote will then be included with the newly configured product. This makes it quick and easy to add a product to a quote.

Quick product search on ‘Add Products’ section is used for finding all types of product (simple or configurable) or favorites by typing any part of it’s part number,product name or description. When user enters search criteria, CPQ will look for products that have entered search criteria anywhere in the part number/name/description, or on the beging of the word(depends on how application parameter is set.

Figure A - product search

When search doesn’t produce any results (both within favorites or products), CPQ will show following messages for part number search: Auto-complete search didn’t find any products or favorites with this part number.Same message will be displayed if appropriate name/description is not found.


Figure B- autocomplete search

Selecting Products to be added to Quote

When user is searching Catalog, than selects many products from different Categories, every selection will be saved, and user will be able to add selected products to Quote. User stays in Catalog until he clicks on Add To Quote button, which will take him to the Quote and add all these products to Quote. If user selects several products and don’t add them to quote, CPQ will save selected products and next time user logs in to CPQ, selected products will remain. If application parameter ‘Allow Selection of Products that will be added to Quote’ is set to true, new icon will be added under selection menu (top, floating and bottom). Number of selected products that will be added to quote will be displayed near Add to Quote label and collapse/expand arrow will be added. When user clicks on Add to Quote button, product will be added to quote, but quote calculations will not be executed. When user clicks on View Quote, all quote calculations as well as custom field calculations will be executed. Add to Quote checkbox in catalog will be replaced with Add to Quote button, if application parameter ‘Remain in Catalog after adding product to the quote’ is set to true. Add to Quote checkbox will be replaced with button on following pages:

  • Catalog (List, Tabular and Custom view)
  • Compare page
  • View details page

Figure C- selected products

When user expands Selected Products to be added to Quote, div with basic product info will be opened.Following data will be shown: Product name, Part Number, Qty, Price.

User will be able to remove selected product or to add it to Quote. When user adds products to the quote, selection will be cleared, but if she selects some products and not add them to the quote, CPQ will save her selection and next time he logs in the CPQ, selected products will be saved and she will be able to add them to the quote.

When user is adding products using quick ajax search or recent objects div with product details is opened. The same changes will be performed on that div. User will be able to select product to be added to quote, or to add all selected to quote. He will be also able to clear selection. Checkbox and changes to Add to Quote button will be also performed.

Quick product search from the quote will be able to find configurable products and favorites. This will be controlled with new application parameters. If parameter ‘Product Search On The Quote Can Find Configurable Products’is set to TRUE, CPQ will look for configurable products when user starts typing either part number of name/description (CPQ will look for matching part numbers/names/descriptions in the same way as it looks for simple products – there will be no reverse configuration done, parsing of descriptions etc.) When user clicks on the product, she will be taken to the product configuration. If user came from the quote (and not from the catalog), breadcrumbs will be different – Current Quote link will be displayed instead of categories.


Figure D- current quote

There are two new application parameters that are set on true by default: 'Product Search On The Quote Can Find Configurable Products' and Product Search On The Quote Can Find Product Favorites.

Quote Summary in Catalog

Using this functionality, CPQ user is able to preview product image and to view whether product is already added to quote. Parameters “Show icon within the Quote summary in Catalog to clarify whether product is already in the Quote” and “Show product image within the Quote summary in Catalog” are presented to enable this functionality. If parameter “Show icon within the Quote summary in Catalog to clarify whether product is already in the Quote” is set to TRUE, when user is on catalog page, she is able to see whether product has already been added to quote. If product is already in quote, it is marked with gray icon and if product should be added to quote, it is marked with orange icon.


Figure E- quote summary in catalog

If application parameter, “Show product image within the Quote summary in Catalog” is set to TRUE, when user is on catalog page, she is able to see images of products that have already been added to quote and images of products that should be added to quote.


Figure F- quote summary in catalog with product image

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