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 +====== Discounts and Multipliers ======
 +Products and Line Items in the shopping cart have ability to be discounted using multipliers or discounts. The type of available discount that can be used depends on how company has set up her system. \\ 
 +To apply a discount or multiplier (from here on referred to as discount), find the field under the Discount column. If editable the field will be surrounded by a dark grey boarder and will appear as a button. Clicking the field will enable it. User now can enter a value. If the value is outside the range in which discount is allowed, then the value will turn red. The quote may need to be approved in order for you to continue.  
 +To calculate the discount, use the **Calculate** action in the Action area. All the values in the cart relating to that discount will be updated.  
 + \\ 
 +In addition to entering a discount value, you can also enter a different price for a product or line item. Once you recalculate the cart using the Calculate action, the discount will reflect the percentage difference. This is an easy way to get the desired total amount of a product without having to figure out what the discount needs to be.  \\
 +Discounts can be entered for products, product’s line items, or product types. In addition, it is possible to use the back-calculate operation to calculate these discounts. If a price for a product type or total price is changed, then the system will back-calculate and change all the line item and product’s discount percentage to match the difference. 
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