Shopping Cart/Quote

In SAP CPQ, configured products are added to the Shopping Cart (also referred to as Quote). Quote displays a lot of information regarding products added to the quote, prices, discounts, commission values and so on. Once the quote is created it can be updated, changed according to the negotiation flow between salesman and the clent.

Keep in mind though that some of these options may be unavailable depending on the way administrator has set the system up.

The quote is comprised of three sections: Tabs, Actions, and Main Cart Area.

The Tabs area is displayed at the top of the page and allow users to add additional information for the cart, such as the customer information and custom information specific for given system (See figure A). There are standard tabs, but you can add a custom tab as well. For more information on Tabs see Quote Tabs and Fields.

Figure A - Quote tabs

The Actions area is displayed above the Main Cart Area. For more information on actions see Cart and Item Actions.
cpq-1908_quote_actions.jpg The top half of the Main Cart Area displays the products added to the quote. Each is displayed with an item number, quantity, part number, description, discounts, pricing, and the product type. They may also include additional items underneath the main item called Line Items. Line Items include the same information as the product itself. There are item actions above the list of products added to the quote, such as Reorder and Replace which display once the Manage Items button cpq-1908_manage_items_quote_icon.jpg is clicked.


Comments can be made on any product added to the cart and the entire cart itself. There is a field located next to the product description for product comments and a field located in the center of the Main Cart Area for cart comments. Comments written here can be passed along, when the order is placed or when a quote is generated.

The second half of the Main Cart Area contains the summary pricing and discount information (See figure D). Under the cart comment box can be seen the summary pricing for each product type. This section can be shown or displayed by clicking the appropriate button. The total pricing for each column of pricing values is displayed below this.

Figure D - A comment and summary pricing area

All Main Cart Area panels can be expanded and collapsed.

Adding product to an empty quote

SAP CPQ allows you to model the workflow in a way that when user clicks to create new quote, it is created immediately as an empty quote. That quote does not contain any item and allows user to add products directly from the quote. If you want to enable creating empty quote, please contact SAP CPQ support.

When you enter empty quote, SAP CPQ will show following two widgets:

  • Quote Items (expanded) and
  • Favorites (not expanded).

Figure E - Empty quote (Quote without items)

As soon as you start typing letters in the box, SAP CPQ is performing search in the background.

Figure F - Adding products to the quote without opening the catalog

A list of products that satisfies typed search text is displayed, and you are able to choose the desired product and add it to the quote by clicking on its name.

If you click on the simple product that is result of the search and while SAP CPQ is adding product to the quote, information “Adding product to the quote” is displayed so you know what is happening.

Figure G - Adding of simple item to the quote

After product has been added to the quote, SAP CPQ will display ‘Product added to the Quote’ (and remove it after 1 second).

Figure H - Adding simple product to the quote

If you enter something in a field that belongs to some editable group and then click on a field that belongs to another editable group, SAP CPQ executes appropriate quote calculations.

Figure I - Editable groups

Whenever Quote total is calculated (executing appropriate quote calculations), information that quote total is being calculated is displayed to the user.

Figure J - Quote total calculation

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