Unlock Account

If you enter an incorrect password too many times while logging into SAP CPQ, your account becomes locked and the Unlock Account hyperlink appears above the Username field on the SAP CPQ login page. To unlock your account, you need to follow the steps below.

To set a specific value for the number of times a wrong password can be entered before the user becomes locked, please contact the SAP CPQ Support team.

  1. Click Unlock Account.
    A new page Unlock Account opens, requesting your username and domain.
  2. Enter your credentials in the Username and Domain fields.
  3. Click Submit.
    An email is sent to you with instructions on how to unlock your account.
  4. Open the instructional email.
  5. Click on the Unlock User button in the email you received.
    The SAP CPQ login page opens.
  6. Enter the correct credentials and click Login.
    You have successfully unlocked your account.

The Unlock User link in the instructional email expires after 60 minutes. In case your link expires, repeat the above procedure.

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