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Variant Configuration Integration Overview: 10 Hits
roducts** and **Products 2.0**, products obtained via synchronization with SAP ERP and SAP Variant Conf... get their attributes and new product display type via knowledge base synchronization. During the first ... ed for all products and product versions obtained via that specific knowledge base synchronization. How... nize translations for products that were obtained via earlier synchronization jobs. Translations can be
Limitations and Known Issues 2002: 8 Hits
el template with an autocomplete attribute column via **Excel Upload**, the autocomplete attribute colu... adding new sections to Solution Design structure via Excel upload once they are initially created with the UI Builder or uploaded via Excel. * A filter on quotes which allows users to filter quote it... Messages** tab. * While performing user export via the **Bulk Import/Export** feature, administrator
Audit Trail Logs: 7 Hits
e performed either directly in the application or via API. Any logged information can be found in th... **Security** > **View/Export PII** (changes made via API are not logged) * **General** > **Tabs** ... stration** > **Define Asset Table** (changes made via API are not logged) * **CRM Integration** > *... oval** > **Approval Auto Reminder** (changes made via API are not logged) * **UI Design** > **Produ
Federation Settings: 6 Hits
lows you to securely access multiple applications via a single set of credentials. \\ \\ To enable acce... team.\\ You can configure your identity provider via the following fields: \\ * **Download SAP CPQ m... essage is outside SAP CPQ, and needs to be mapped via this field and the corresponding parameter. A cus... further configure your identity provider settings via the following toggle switches: \\ * **Ignore as
Integrating SAP CPQ with SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing: 6 Hits
licensee may not access these databases directly via systems or technologies that have not been licens... ements on the available options for data exchange via direct database accesses.\\ \\ For more informati... ed for all products and product versions obtained via that specific knowledge base synchronization. Lan... field above are added both for products obtained via the ongoing synchronization, and for products tha
API for Content Upload: 5 Hits
system detects the changes, the content is pushed via the API to SAP CPQ. ---- <note>The API is tenant ... * content files <note>The content files managed via the API are uploaded to the root content director... ake sure that the format of the images you manage via the API matches the format defined in the paramet... ta is sent between the browser and the repository via a secured HTTPS protocol. * Users can be authen
Application Parameters: 5 Hits
her the password is changed in the application or via the API. ===== Product Catalog ===== The followi... teAbbrev**: defines whether Users creating Quotes via API have to include customers’ state abbreviation... rst Name**: defines whether Users creating Quotes via API have to include customers’ first name. When s... ast Name**: defines whether Users creating Quotes via API have to include customers’ last name. When se
Mapping the Pricing Response into Quote Columns: 5 Hits
rocedures are defined in SAP ERP and, from there, via SAP Variant Configuration and Pricing, replicated... riant Pricing** is selected for products obtained via knowledge base synchronization). It is possible to map pricing procedures into SAP CPQ via the fields described on the [[adminhelp:crmintegrationsetu... tion types are edited, they are sent to the order via the standard integration package. In case of cond
= * You can import or export up to 20MB of data via the API in a single call. * The execution timeo... actions upon carts, etc...) Access these services via: <application root>/wsAPI/CPQAPI.asmx * Admin... dating users, companies...) Access these services via: <application root>/wsAPI/WsSrv.asmx ===== API E... In order to access any part of SAP CPQ **Setup** via REST API, you need to be logged in. Logging in re
Manage Columns: 4 Hits
ns ==== Quote table columns can either pull data via Iron Python scripts (the system supports a maximu... you can manage validation rules and column labels via scripts: * Validation Rules - the new method ''... method. Also, you can activate/deactivate a rule via scripting (e.g. add a pre/post action to actions ... ts in the **Actions** tab). Changing the activity via scripting does not influence the behavior of the
Custom Tables: 4 Hits
ation|PII]] PII data can be flagged as sensitive via the **Sensitive data** checkbox. [[adminhelp:secu... nal layer of protection. When user creates table via API she can provide type for each column within a... opulated when the following actions are performed via SOAP API: * CREATETABLE * DELETETABLE * EXP... t Trail** > **Admin Actions**: * add new table (via SOAP API, Excel, IP script or manually; also logg
Creating Sections: 4 Hits
lution_design:creating_sections#Creating Sections via Excel]] * [[adminhelp:quotesadministration:quot... lution_design:creating_sections#Creating Sections via UI Builder]] For both workflows, you need to hav... on Design** tab created. ===== Creating Sections via Excel ===== The ability to import sections throug... asic_structure.png?500}} ===== Creating Sections via Section Builder ===== The UI Builder is an SAP CP
Requests and Examples: 4 Hits
T API. You can use these methods to send requests via the API: * GET * POST * PUT * DELETE Dep... he image below shows a request for creating files via the API:\\ {{:appendixd:api_for_content_upload:cp... tiple files at once or update one individual file via the API.\\ {{:appendixd:api_for_content_upload:pu... ponse_final.png?600}}\\ <note> To update one file via the PUT request, state the file name in the reque
Change Set: 4 Hits
ncreases traceability of changes (in **Setup** or via scripting) and ensures that appropriate recording... hange Set and API ===== If a change is performed via %%API%%, and you wish to assign it to a change se... et environments. You can either do it manually or via a deployment package. \\ === Manual Deployment ... == Deployment Package === To deploy a change set via a deployment package, navigate to the **Deploymen
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