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te that you can view Product Administration Input XML Examples [[ o set a product display type, the <Product> input XML node you must include the following child node: <... is optional - If the node is not present in input XML, the system will move on without crashing or retu... is optional - if the node is not present in input XML or it is left vacant, the system will move on wit
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====== User administration API XML Details ====== <USERNAME> * This node is required. * This node... adding a new user, the API call will fail and the XML with error will be sent to the caller. * If thi... he API call will fail and the caller will receive XML with an error message. You cannot erase the user'... ank. * If this node is not present in the input XML, and the API is updating the existing user, the e
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====== Action Details ====== ===== Send Quote XML ===== The purpose of this functionality is to enable users to send SAP CPQ Quote XML explicitly (by invoking the appropriate action on the quote), or ... ther quote action). \\ The action can send Quote XML to: * URL address (by using HttpPost Method) ... ess **Workflow Setup** - The action **Send Quote XML** should be set up in the workflow. This means th
====== PRODUCT ADMINISTRATION - Input XML Examples ====== ===== Example No. 1 ===== The following XML enables the process of effective dates for product and attributes: //AttributeType, AttributeSystem... validation messages set up over API call). <code xml> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Products... </code> ===== Example No. 2 ===== The following XML is for a new attribute type - Measurement. You wi
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====== Set Configuration based on XML ====== This feature enables you to pre-configure the product based on the XML configuration that you have already defined. For this purpose, tag **<*SetConfigurationBasedOnXML(xml)*>** has been introduced. \\ **<*SetConfigurationBasedOnXML(xml)*>** tag \\ The tag accepts xml as an input string parameter which is parsed and used to pre-configure the product. W
Custom Table Web Method - Input Parameters: 26 Hits
allowed|Yes|ExternalPrices| |AUXTablesproperties|XML|Object Passing User Data|Yes|The AUXTablesproperties XML structure for each action is shown | ===== Input XML definition – for CreateTable actions =... cPrice|float|DECIMAL| 2 |true/false| ===== Input XML definition – for other actions ===== ^Field Name... mn|Jack|Text|Depends on column size| ===== Input XML Example for CREATETABLE action ===== <code XML> <
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er a URL that enables Users to retrieve assets or XML files required for configuring products. * **S... ng for Approval** tab.\\ * **Action ‘Send Quote Xml’ sends quote xml under the name**: specifies the template for the XML document name that is sent to the FTP server.\\ * **When action 'Send Quote Xml' is executed, send xml to Http Address**: contains the HTTP address to which an XML document is
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- If this field is supplied, the value found in XML has to match one of the market codes in the CPQ s... >** * This field is required * Value found in XML has to match one of the valid shipping methods fr... th this child of it can be omitted from the input XML, but if "Crm" node is present, this node is a req... e created, and the API caller will get NOK result XML which will contain error that CRM system reported
Custom Table Administration - Output Parameters: 14 Hits
*Description**^**Required**^**Comments**^ |Result|XML|This function will generate XML document as resul... ed actions|Yes|Result is always generated| ===== XML definition ===== ^**Element Name**^**Data Type**^... row matches provided conditions, it will contain XML for result | |Error| | |N|If any error occurs t... 0)|Error description message|Y| | ===== Result XML Examples ===== ==== Result XML for CREATETABLE a
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rovided, Username will be the owner of the cart| |XML|XML|XML Object|Yes|XML structure is shown below| ===== Data Definition for New Quote input XML ===== ^**Field Name**^**Description**^**Sample Data**... s attribute is optional.| |Text|100| ===== Input XML Example ===== <code XML> <?xml version="1.0" enco... er> </Customers> </Cart> </code> An example of xml containing parent-child configurations in quote i
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====== Input XML Example ====== \\ <note>**IMPORTANT!** To get valid **DefaultLanguage** and **OtherLan... ductType </note>\\ Other fields are not required (XML may not contain them). Default values for other f... ,"Parent_child" * If node is not present in the XML file, or is present and does not have a value, de... ible to all * If Permissions node is present in XML and it is empty, product will not be visible to a
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is implemented: \\ * When going through rows in XML, API method will look for part number and price c... ocessed and all errors will be reported in return XML. * Depending on Root node "Report": If node is ... _ONLY”, SAP CPQ will return only errors in result XML. If node’s value is “ALL”, SAP CPQ will return result of all rows in return XML. * When creating result XML, for each row SAP CPQ will return :Part
Set Cart Item Properties - Result XML: 10 Hits
nu_n>2}} ====== Set Cart Item Properties - Result XML ====== ^**Tag**^**Data Type**^**Description**^**Required**^**Comments**^ |Result|XML|This function will generate XML document as result of the perfor... ons|Yes|Result is always generated| ===== Sample XML response - no error occurred ===== <code xml> <... ld> </CartItem> </Result> </code> ===== Sample XML response - wrong Cart Item guid provided ===== If
Result XML Examples - Request for Quotation: 10 Hits
====== Result XML Examples - Request for Quotation ====== Example of successful quote creation: <code XML> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Result> <Status>OK</Status> <Message>New Quote Creat... code (part number) in the first item in the input XML: <code XML> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?... > Example of missing shipping method in the input XML: <code XML> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?
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